Product Image Product Name Product Description

Low Temp

 CleanRite Clean rite This product is an excellent liquid dishwashing detergent designed for use in low temperature commercial dishwashing machines. It has a high level of sequestering agents and is very effective for use in hard water areas
 no_photo_available Rinse It Plus  

Rinsit Plus is a rinse additive used in the rinse cycle, allowing quick drying of glasses, dishes and cutlery without spotting or streaking. It is a product particularly suited for use in glass dishwashers.

 Sanichlor Sanichlor

An effective sanitizer and bleaching compound for a wide variety of applications. It provides an easy and economical way of cleaning and removing stains without scratching porcelain finishes.

High Temp

 Sparkleen Sparkleen

An excellent liquid dishwashing detergent designed for use in commercial operations preferably with liquid dispensing systems. Sparkleen has a high concentration of sequestering agents and alkaline cleaners to make it well suited for use in hard water areas.

Sparkleen will assure hygienically clean, film free dishes.

no_photo_available Rinse It Plus-Hi  

Rinsit Plus  Hi,is a rinse additive used in the rinse cycle, made to be used with high Temp. machines allowing quick drying of glasses, dishes and cutlery without spotting or streaking. It is a product particularly suited for use in glass dishwashers.

no_photo_available Shining Plus  

Shining Plus is an excellent non-foaming dishwashing compound containing chlorine for exceptional soil and stain removal. Effective free rinsing agents allow spot free glasses and dishware. Shining Plus is designed for use under all water conditions including hard water and is ideally suited for food plant use.

Kitchen Maintenance Products

DSC09995 Jet Clean  

A 100% water soluble product for cleaning and de-greasing applications. It rinses clean and leaves no film or offensive odour after using. Excellent as an engine degreaser. Also cleans whitewall tires and is perfect for exterior cleaning of off-road equipment, trucks, tools, etc. May also be used as a pressure wash or steam cleaner.

LemonGuard Lemon Guard  

Lemon Guard is a quaternary ammonium-based cleaner designed for institutional use such as hospitals, nursing homes and institutions where housekeeping will be of prime importance in controlling odours caused by the growth of bacteria mould, mildew and fungi. It is recommended for use on floors, walls, sink-tops, garbage pails, telephones, rest-rooms, bedpans and operating rooms.

 Bryten Descaler-Bryten This product is a concentrated non-foaming, acid based cleaner. Ideal for safely removing lime and scale buildup from machinery, appliances, piping and other surfaces. It is the most versatile of the acid cleaners, removing unwanted buildups without the fumes and other hazards of other strong acids. Bryten can be used for descaling dishwashers, glass washers, coffee machines, etc.
 GrilloX Grillo X A highly alkaline degreaser, with sequestering agents, and surfactants designed for the heavy duty cleaning required for kitchen canopies, deep fryers, hood screens and ovens.
 LemonPower Lemon Power Lemon Power is an effective dishwashing detergent designed for hand washing under a wide variety of water conditions. Lemon Power provides hygienically clean film-free dishes, with a minimum of time, effort and expense.
no_photo_available Presoak 100 Presoak 100 is a granular product designed for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, institutions, bakeries and breweries. It is ideally suited for bar glass washing and sanitizing at 200ppm active sanitizing. It has been found acceptable for use by the ALCB when used as specified. It is also ideal as a pre-soak and sanitiser for kitchen utensils and for use in cleaning freezers and ice cream machines. When using this product in food processing plants, limit the concentration to 100ppm sanitising. Also, an excellent product for Coffee cups-to protect the cups more than Bleach (Corrosive)
no_photo_available Presoak 101  

A powdered product designed to loosen and lift heavy hard-to-remove soil from cutlery when used with hot water in a soak tank. It may also be used with aluminium foil to remove tarnish from sterling silverware.

no_photo_available Grease B Gone  

Grease Be Gone is a unique concentrated bacteria/enzyme product that is recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kennels, clinics, grease traps, down pipes, porta-toilets, septic tanks, and recreational vehicles.


General Maintenance Products

no_photo_available De Clog – Act Fast  

A super concentrated sulfuric acid based liquid drain opener. It quickly dissolves grease, soap, sludge, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, hair, coffee grounds, food scraps, and all other organic obstructions in mere minutes. Use to deodorize, clean, and clear blockages in grease traps, sinks, drains, urinals, toilets, shower stalls, and all other plumbing fixtures. Using Declog as part of a regular maintenance program will keep drains free running and odour free. As a preventative maintenance product, Declog can help drains deodorize and keep them in free-flowing condition

no_photo_available Armstrong – Powder  

An exceptionally high quality alkaline granular floor cleaner, designed specifically for the removal of oils, grease, and difficult to remove stains and soils from concrete floors. This product is a non- phosphate detergent, formulated using silicates, wetting agents, grease-cutting, emulsifiers and pine oil.

no_photo_available Power Clean  

Heavy Duty Degreaser Power Clean is a completely water-soluble product for exceptional de-greasing and cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces. It requires no solvent and is non-flammable. It rinses well and leaves no film or offensive odors. It is ideally suited for de-greasing and cleaning of engines, “off-road” equipment, concrete floors and white-wall tires. It may be applied by pressure washer, steam cleaner or by brush.

no_photo_available Arbor Pine  

Neutral PH Floor Cleaner Arbor Pine is a versatile concentration designed for floors, walls, counter tops, and a variety of other cleaning jobs. It will quickly remove grease, oily soil and dirt in industrial and food processing areas. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation cleans without harming wax floors. Safe for all surfaces not harmed by water.

no_photo_available Ice melt
no_photo_available Urinal Blocks
no_photo_available Enzyme Blocks Screen
no_photo_available Show off  

Show Off is a phosphoric acid based ultra viscous bowl and tile cleaner. It provides superior cling and contact time thus eliminating costly down drain waste. Show Off effectively dissolves uric acid, rust, mineral deposits, and all other stubborn stains, leaving a sparkling clean deodorized fixture. Ideal for everyday use. Show Off is pink in appearance and has a pleasant mint scent.

no_photo_available Citro Power A water based, natural, powerful citrus solvent degreaser, emulsifier, deodorizer. Citro Power is non-corrosive and contains no harmful chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates, acids or alkali. It is phosphate free and 100% biodegradable. This organic formulation will remove oil and grease from most surfaces while leaving a fresh natural citrus scent.
no_photo_available Jet Clean

20L Pail

100% Water soluble product for cleaning and de- greasing applications. It rinses clean and leaves no film or offensive odour after using. Excellent as an engine degreaser. Also cleans whitewall tires and is perfect for exterior cleaning of off-road equipment, trucks, tools, etc. Ideal for cleaning shop floors and garage equipment. May also be used as a pressure wash or steam cleaner.


Laundry Products

no_photo_available Liquidator  Laundry Solvent 

An intensive concentrated spotter and grease remover ideally suited for use on difficult stains in laundry, dry-cleaning and carpet cleaning applications. Effective for use on oil, grease, tar, lipstick, salad oil and ballpoint pens.

no_photo_available Boost Alkali Builder,A quality booster to liquid laundry detergents for maximum removal of stubborn grease, oil and stains on cotton and polyesters.
no_photo_available Resolve

 Liquid Laundry Emulsifier

A superior liquid laundry degreaser/emulsifier designed for use in commercial and institutional laundry operations. Can also be used as a spotter, a pre-soak, or may be added directly to the wash cycle. Highly effective on greasy, oily tablecloths or uniforms, etc


Laundry Powder Products

no_photo_available Extra Extra is a premium quality laundry detergent specially compounded with proteolytic enzymes for the successful removal of protein based stains like blood, perspiration, organic stains, eggs, etc. Safe on all types of fabrics. Can be used in the suds cycle or as a pre-soak for particularly stubborn stains.
no_photo_available All Brite  A heavy duty industrial laundry detergent.

All Brite is blended to include complex detergent builders, surfactants, wetting agents, and optical brighteners, and is recommended for both hard and soft water areas. It can be used for delicate, domestic and industrial washing operations, as well as heavy soil removal.